Electrical Service

inspect/top up electrolyte level, test starter motor, check power supply cables securely mounted, test alternator voltage output under load, test park neutral switch operation, check the battery, load test battery, inspect battery terminals.

  • Changing aged fuse
  • Switching out of lightings when required
  • Repair of the tank connect machine
  • Influencing of revocation as well as steerage
  • Altering of the motor’s oil and also filter
  • Checking the gas body
  • Checking the stress amounts of your tires and also additional
  • Checking every one of the cars and truck’s pipes and also waistbands
  • Checking and also cleansing of the vehicle’s electric battery as well as cover up water
  • Checking and/or switching out of the wiper cutters
  • Examining and/or switching out of the sky filter, factor, and also gas filter
  • Evaluating as well as topping up of all liquids and also oils
  • Checking your autos exam air conditioning body
  • Packing your air conditioning unit along with coolant

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