Engine & Fuel

Cleaning service discharges, replenishable energies and also boosted gas economic climate for channel and also strong autos are actually being actually analyzed Clean Engines, Emissions & Fuels. Our experts are actually a facility of detailed investigation, growth as well as screening of sophisticated power-train, sustainable or even substitute gas as well as discharge command units for nearby, condition as well as federal government authorities in addition to the power, motor as well as exhaust.

  • Drain engine oil and refil
  • Replace oil filter
  • Check for accessive oil leaks
  • Check timing belt (cambelt), due date, milage & advise
  • Check radiator
  • Check coolant cap seals
  • Check cooling system hoses for leaks & condition
  • Check and adjust fan and alternator belts
  • Check auxilary belt condition
  • Change air filter
  • Replace spark plugs on petrol engines
  • Check vehicle undertray
  • Check fuel cap condition
  • Check fuel lines
  • Replace fuel filter

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